"After learning Human-Computer Interaction, only then I know that my personal tendency is towards baroque-style. No wonder my interest Chrome theme is “marlies|dekkers” which I never changed it since first time using it. My famous preferred sites to list is “Taylor Swift”, “Sophie Kinsella”, “Kate Spade” and adorable “Benefit”! (oh these just show how much I love to be a lady! and this is the first time I share to others what my fav bookmark.hurmph). Nevertheless, in interface design, baroque shouldn’t be an option for it lead to visual clutter which not suitable for practical use in learning application and any other tech design. On contrary, baroque will always be my eye-capturing art in either clothing line, art, photo or as simple touch home add-on.
I don’t always share or babbling about small thing, but when I do, it means a big influence in me I want to talk about it to everybody! Good day!"